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Reverse Mentoring: How I Learned that Millennials Have Much to Teach Us

By Cheryl D. Creuzot | June 30, 2015

If we wanted to hire millennials, then it seemed clear that I needed a millennial on staff to help us attract and recruit this demographic by improving our visibility on social media.

Women’s Perspective on Opportunities for Women in Insurance

By Susan Deakins | June 23, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of participating on a panel at the “Women in Insurance” symposium, presented by the Academy of Risk Management and Insurance at Saint Joseph’s University.

Demystifying Life Insurance Underwriting

By Gretchen Dinucci | June 16, 2015

If I wasn’t in the life insurance industry, I wouldn’t understand underwriting either, but there are really some very basic principles at work.

Five Reasons to Give the Gift of Life Insurance

By Raymond Caucci | June 9, 2015

When someone is graduating from high school or college, or getting married, this is a great opportunity for a parent or a grandparent to purchase life insurance on the individual.

Women in Rugby, Building Skills for Women in the Workplace

By Crystal Harris | June 2, 2015

Women play rugby too. Much of the talk about The Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship has been about the men’s Rugby Sevens, which was a great tournament. But the women held a tournament too, and their championship was also held last Sunday afternoon at PPL Park.