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Stepping into Your Power: A Call to Action through Women of Impact

By Helene Lerner | March 29, 2016

Earlier this month, I launched an online video series called Women of Impact, short one-on-one interviews with women leaders who are playing an active role in reshaping the world. The Women of Impact segment for April features my interview with Eileen McDonnell, Chairman & CEO of Penn Mutual. I chose Eileen for my second interview because I think she has an important message to share.

Even Superheroes Need Life Insurance

By Allan Sternberg | March 23, 2016

With this week’s release of the movie Batman v Superman, superheroes are much on my mind. You may have seen some of the comics of our own superhero, Life Insurance Awareness Guy, which got me thinking, “Do superheroes need life insurance?”

Rugby Sevens Takes on Las Vegas

By Jeff Leinen | March 15, 2016

Penn Mutual was thrilled to return to Las Vegas during the USA Sevens International Rugby tournament, as well as the Las Vegas Invitational (LVI) tournament earlier in March.

Branding You: Driving Your Career by Crafting a Personal Brand

By Ande Frazier | March 8, 2016

Whether you are preparing yourself for the beginning of your professional career or you are already well established, creating a personal brand for yourself will help you to be seen as a relevant and unique professional. Check out these tips for how you can make sure you are developing your own personal brand.

10 Financial Things To Do Before You’re 40

By Zachary Meissner | March 1, 2016

There truly are some important financial things you should do before you turn 40. There is a good reason for this: At age 40, you are still relatively young and healthy, and time is on your side.