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How Much Insurance Do I Need? Determining Human Life Value

By Allan Sternberg | April 26, 2016

People really need to buy life insurance up to their economic replacement value, otherwise known as their human life value. Determining your human life value is quite simple, and Penn Mutual has just launched an online calculator that can help you determine yours.

4 Great Ideas for Using Life Insurance in Retirement Planning

By Brian Eckenrode | April 12, 2016

As clients approach retirement, their focus usually turns to generating income, adjusting portfolio risk, and avoiding asset spend-down. They may not consider life insurance a top-of-mind planning need at this time, but it should be. Life insurance is a multi-faceted product that can help enhance the quality of retirement in diverse ways.

Capture Timely Estate Planning Opportunities for a Low Interest Rate Environment

By Penn Mutual | April 5, 2016

Interest rates currently remain extremely low by historical standards, which dramatically enhances the effectiveness of certain popular estate planning techniques. Changes in rates can result in substantial differences in the costs and anticipated benefits of implementing various interest rate sensitive strategies.