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The Life of Significance Award, and the Impact We Have on Others

By David Caputo | June 28, 2016

I was very surprised when I was told I was to receive this year’s Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award. When Eileen McDonnell, the Chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, called me, I was just shocked.

Diversifying Retirement Income Sources

By Penn Mutual | June 22, 2016

You’ve been working hard most of your life, with the end goal of retiring and enjoying life at your own pace. What you do now, in your pre-retirement years, is… Read More

The Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship Breaks Records

By Penn Mutual | June 14, 2016

I hope you were as excited as I was by the play at this year’s Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship! It was the biggest tournament yet with 88 teams participating.

Lessons on Customer Service from “United Breaks Guitars”

By Dave Carroll | June 8, 2016

My guitar was broken by United Airlines on a flight to Nebraska. Thus began a customer service nightmare that has become legendary, largely because of a song I wrote about my experience that went viral within days of posting it to YouTube.