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By Penn Mutual | October 24, 2019

Penn Mutual Vice President of Field Development Heather Scher established the Field Development Team with a very specific goal in mind: to provide resources, support, and programs to our advisers. In one short year, the Field Development team has expanded significantly, building new programs and producing resources to help advisers create lasting, successful practices.

Read on for three areas where advisers can benefit from the team’s expertise.

Business by Design

Part of the journey over the last year involved building an external Practice Development team that partners with advisers and helps them better serve clients and create successful businesses using our Business by Design program, which determines where an adviser’s practice is heading and the steps necessary to get there. As the Practice Development team travels throughout U.S., they’ll be visiting agencies and advisers to help further their business processes, expand their teams, build strong succession plans, and more.

Jackie Bradley, AVP of Practice Development says, “I want to help advisers attain breakthrough businesses, while achieving freedom from the areas of the business that bog them down — all while creating a stronger client experience.” You can listen to Jackie discuss her team’s Business Continuity and Succession Planning solutions in this podcast.

Business Continuity

As the Practice Development team travels to help advisers, day in and day out, the Field Development team back at the home office works rigorously on creating and building resources to help support the Practice Development team and the field, overall. The internal team is here for our advisers each day, ensuring they have the tools and resources to succeed.

The latest resource is the Business Continuity Agreement, created by Field Development Manager Laurie Dougherty, in collaboration with a select group of advisers. The Agreement was created to help advisers who are not yet ready to build out their formal succession plan, but want to secure their practice in the event of an unexpected exit from the business. This agreement has changed the way our advisers run their practices, giving advisers peace of mind as they work on building their businesses and developing formal succession plans.

Learning Resource Center

The Field Development team also manages our Learning Resource Center, an online learning management system that provides on-demand training for our advisers and field leaders to use at their convenience. The team also creates custom curricula for agencies to help educate both inexperienced and experienced advisers on a variety of topics. Departments from across the company host training sessions through the Learning Resource Center, making it a great tool to compile a day of training.

Field Development’s in-house instructional designers create custom-made training modules, podcasts and more, which can be found on the Learning Resource Center, social media sites, and other platforms. These designers work with subject matter experts to create engaging ways for advisers and field leaders to further enhance their knowledge in the industry.

Field Development’s main goal is to provide invaluable resources for our advisers and their field office staff to assist them in providing the best solutions for their clients and grow their businesses.

Contact the Field Development team and schedule a consultation to start building your breakthrough business and become a stronger business owner. 

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