Claire Gallagher

Financial Adviser, Empire Wealth Strategies
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Claire Gallagher

Claire is a financial adviser with Empire Wealth Strategies. She moved to New York from Ireland 7 years ago and through working with the Irish/American community in New York, it has helped keep her strong ties with Ireland.

Many life events occur throughout people’s lifetime and from experiencing critical illnesses, death and adversities with the recession in her own family, she has made it her mission to help guide people through these adversities with adequate planning.

Family/ business/ individual planning can sometimes be daunting for people but her goal is make it a simple process that fits within her clients’ lifestyle. Her motto is: ‘Do what you can today, as you may not have tomorrow.’

Stories by Claire Gallagher

Why Personal Coverage Reviews are Important

By Claire Gallagher | February 20, 2018

Life insurance is not a “once and done” decision, as the needs and purposes behind life insurance changes over the course of a lifetime. That’s why personal coverage reviews are important. The “personal” in the phrase “personal coverage review” is intentional, as the process starts with a review of what has changed in your personal life.