David Schroeder

Second Lieutenant, US Marine Corps
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David Schroeder

David Schroeder graduated from the US Naval Academy in May of 2015 and was recently commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. Prior to his appointment, Schroeder enlisted in the Marine Corps out of high school and was quickly promoted twice during his enlistment – achieving the rank of Sergeant and qualifying as loadmaster instructor. His deployment tours have included Japan and Afghanistan.

During the 2015 Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC) on May 30-31, The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (Penn Mutual) honored Midshipman First Class David Schroeder of the US Naval Academy with the Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award. The award will be given annually to a collegiate rugby player participating in the CRC. The recipient exemplifies Penn Mutual’s values of integrity, commitment and respect, and has made substantial contributions to society and their community.

Stories by David Schroeder

What Living a Life of Significance Means to Me

By David Schroeder | August 25, 2015

My rugby teammates at the Naval Academy gave me a lot of grief when they learned I had won the inaugural Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award. I’ve thought a lot since then on what it means to live a life of significance.