David LaBricciosa

Managing Partner, AspireWealth Planners
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David LaBricciosa

David LaBricciosa joined AspireWealth Planners in November 2014 as Managing Partner. He has been described by many as highly committed, very enthusiastic, intensely loyal and extremely knowledgeable in the areas of financial strategy and leadership.

Over the course of his career, Dave has received many of the industries’ most prestigious awards, including Chairman’s Council Qualifier (Sales Manager of the Year) and the New England Financial Master Managing Associate Award for the retention of existing financial professionals and development of new recruits. He has won the Agency Builders Managing Associate Award annually since becoming a Sales Manager in 1996 and is a multiple winner of New England Financial’s Sales Manager of the Year award.

Active in the community, he is heavily involved with local charities and is a supporter of the Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation, Casey Cares Foundation, Maxwell Football Club, the Variety Club, as well as co-founder of the Children’s Hope Foundation. Children’s Hope Foundation has awarded in excess of $100,000 in scholarships to children directly or indirectly impacted by cancer. In recognition of his profound accomplishments with the Children’s Hope Foundation charity, David has been awarded the esteemed Edward E. Phillip Award for Outstanding Citizenship.

David resides in Garnet Valley, PA with his wife, Gina, and their four children: Robert, Rachel, Dominic, and Gabrielle.

Stories by David LaBricciosa

Planning Your Journey Up and Down the “Retirement Mountain”

By David LaBricciosa | July 25, 2017

I wrote recently in The Hill about how retirement is like climbing a mountain. The peak of the mountain is your retirement date, and the ascent is the struggle to earn and save along the way. Of course, getting to the top of the mountain is only half the journey. Once you reach the top, you still have to work yourself safely down.