Dewane Lewis, Jr.

Managing Partner, Penn Mutual Music City
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Dewane Lewis, Jr.

Dewane Lewis, Jr., is an accomplished field leader with twenty-nine years of experience in insurance and financial services. He is extremely passionate about recruiting, training, developing, team building, and leading successful financial professionals and frontline managers as they grow and excel in the field of financial services.

As Penn Mutual Music City’s Managing Partner, Dewane launched the organization at a record setting pace. In its first year, the agency was awarded the Penn Mutual 2016 New Agency of the Year and earned that title again in 2017. Dewane has a clear vision for this organization: “Penn Mutual Music City will be the most trusted and respected team of financial planning and wealth building professionals in Tennessee and Kentucky. We are a group of people with a passion for advocacy, diversity and community.”

Dewane began his career at 19 years old as a Financial Professional. Throughout his career, he has served as a Financial Professional, Sales Manager, MTA, Managing Director, and Regional Vice President. Before launching the Penn Mutual Music City Agency, he spent nineteen years as Managing Director at American General/AIG, building and growing a successful organization that was consistently recognized among top national firms every year. He has qualified for 23 National Leaders Clubs, Presidents Councils, Presidents Cabinets, and AIG Manager of the Year in 2009. He has also been a National Management Award Qualifier in multiple years, has been a LAMP Breakout Speaker, and Past President of Nashville NAIFA.

Dewane serves on The American College Alumni Association Board and has recently served on the GAMA Foundation Board of Trustees. He graduated from Memphis State University with a degree in Marketing/Sales. He is married to Missy and has two beautiful daughters, Amber and Emily, who are his greatest priorities. He also enjoys hobbies such as hunting, fishing, golf and kayaking.

Stories by Dewane Lewis, Jr.

Don’t Let These Planning Mistakes Haunt You

By Dewane Lewis, Jr. | October 31, 2018

Financial planning must be scary, given the amount of people who avoid it or try to do it on their own, unassisted. While having a 401(k) or Roth IRA, or perhaps having a 529 savings plan for college are critical components of a sound financial plan, this is only focusing on particular needs without looking at the bigger picture.