Gretchen Dinucci

VP and Chief Underwriter
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Gretchen Dinucci

Gretchen Dinucci started with Penn Mutual in July 2014 as Vice President and Chief Underwriter. Gretchen has over 27 years of experience in the life insurance underwriting field, most recently as Chief Underwriter of the Independent Life Sales Channel at ING (VOYA). She has held prior positions in Underwriting Management at MetLife and has expertise in large case underwriting and reinsurance. Gretchen is a former Secretary of the New England Home Office Underwriting Association.

Stories by Gretchen Dinucci

Demystifying Life Insurance Underwriting

By Gretchen Dinucci | June 16, 2015

If I wasn’t in the life insurance industry, I wouldn’t understand underwriting either, but there are really some very basic principles at work.

Legal Marijuana and Life Insurance

By Gretchen Dinucci | April 21, 2015

How should the life insurance industry respond to legalized marijuana? Does using marijuana make someone a poor insurance risk? As chief underwriter for Penn Mutual, it is my job to understand how changes like legalizing marijuana affect our business.