Walter Young

Wealth Strategist, Pacific Capital Resource Group
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Walter Young

Walter Young is a Wealth Strategist with Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc. in Seattle, Washington. He began his career in the financial services industry in the early 1990s serving as a portfolio and 401(k) adviser for a boutique advisory firm in San Francisco. Following earning his MBA, Walter took a break from financial services and worked for Deloitte Consulting. During his tenure at Deloitte Consulting, Walter began to see that financial strategies implemented by the best run corporations had a heavy emphasis in reducing overall risk and opportunity cost, while maximizing cash flow for shareholder value. He immediately drew the parallel that individual households would benefit greatly by the same strategies. If individual households can run their homes in a similar fashion, individual households may gain the same efficiencies that may very well determine their financial success.

Since that time, Walter has developed a unique approach that puts these lessons at the forefront of strategy for individuals and small business owners. His unique blend of individual and corporate finance experience has produced a unique way at looking at an individual’s financial situation. He begins every relationship with the same concept “If you were a business, would you invest in you?”

Walter has become a specialist in economic-based planning theory and is a thought leader, helping clients develop a cash flow centric strategy that helps position them to have better retirement income streams.

Walter is an industry speaker, both nationally and internationally, as well as a trainer, panel adviser, and recipient of numerous industry awards. He serves on the board of advisers for industry selling systems and is a regular contributor to the advancement of cash flow centric planning modules.

Walter is married and lives in the Seattle area with three children. He enjoys coaching his children’s sports and being an active member in his community.

Stories by Walter Young

Why You Should Run Your Household Like a Business

By Walter Young | July 31, 2018

If your household was a business, one sold on the stock exchange, would you invest in it? For most of us, the answer is probably no. We maybe spend every dollar we get — perhaps even a little bit more — so we’re not “profitable.” We’d be embarrassed to show people our balance sheets, cash flow, or profitability statements. We need to start running our household finances as if it were a business.

A Strategy for Optimizing Your Retirement Income

By Walter Young | March 14, 2018

“Save for retirement.” We’ve all heard the message of how important it is to save for retirement. But for all the talk about socking money away, there’s seldom any discussion of how to use that money in retirement so that it can last your entire life.