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Gray Divorce: The Financial Risks of Divorce After 50

By Christine Palmer Hennigan | February 21, 2019

“Gray divorces” — where the couple is over the age of 50 — can have tremendous financial repercussions, putting retirements and even financial well-being at risk.

Why Personal Coverage Reviews are Important

By Claire Gallagher | February 20, 2018

Life insurance is not a “once and done” decision, as the needs and purposes behind life insurance changes over the course of a lifetime. That’s why personal coverage reviews are important. The “personal” in the phrase “personal coverage review” is intentional, as the process starts with a review of what has changed in your personal life.

What Working with a Financial Adviser Did for Me

By Alexandra Swan | November 7, 2017

Five years ago, my 15-year marriage ended and suddenly I was thrust into single parenthood. Once the divorce dust settled, and bank accounts, retirement funds, and the profits from the sale of the joint home were distributed, I found myself thinking, “What now?”

Suddenly Single: Financial Advice for Newly Widowed and Divorced Women

By Joan Wilton | February 9, 2016

Women who suddenly find themselves alone, either through divorce or the death of their spouse, face some daunting financial challenges.

The One Secret Advisers Should Know About Women and Wealth

By Penn Mutual | December 8, 2015

Women now control more than half of U.S. personal wealth, yet many financial advisors often treat women as an afterthought. In my own practice, I find that women make great clients. They’re very loyal, they refer their friends, and they choose on value rather than price alone.