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The Travis Manion Foundation: Instilling Character in the Next Generation of Leaders

By Ryan Manion | May 23, 2017

The idea of character education is something that’s desperately needed in our society, and the idea also resonates with the veterans. One of the biggest challenges facing many veterans is losing that sense of feeling connected to something bigger than themselves. Many of the veterans in Travis Manion Foundation programs have found that working with kids and teaching them about what it means to be a leader is an avenue to regain that connection.

Honoring the Fallen by Challenging the Living

By Thomas Manion, Col., USMC (Retired) | December 22, 2015

Penn Mutual asked me to share a little bit about the Travis Manion Foundation and how we work with companies such as Penn Mutual to support the needs of military veterans and their families.

What Living a Life of Significance Means to Me

By David Schroeder | August 25, 2015

My rugby teammates at the Naval Academy gave me a lot of grief when they learned I had won the inaugural Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award. I’ve thought a lot since then on what it means to live a life of significance.

Reflections on Military Service: The Return to Civilian Life

By Sheri Rhoades | September 11, 2014

Penn Mutual’s sponsorship of a recent 9/11 Heroes Run in support of the Travis Manion Foundation reminded me of my own transition from military to civilian life.