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Mentoring is a Win for both Mentor and Mentee

By Penn Mutual | June 5, 2018

Mentoring can be a powerful experience, especially for those of us in the financial industry. I thought I was joining the Women in Financial Services (WIFS) mentorship program to give back, but I’ve learned so much through the experience than I thought possible.

Financial Services is a Great Career for Women

By Mickey Butler | November 28, 2017

Working in financial services can be a great career for women; however, many are still hesitant to give it a try or simply aren’t aware of the career options available. I’m hoping we can change that.

Building a Diverse Agency Culture

By Penn Mutual | April 26, 2017

Penn Mutual was recently one of six financial services firms that participated in a groundbreaking, industry-wide survey of agency culture. Diversity — of age, gender, ethnic background, and thought — is important to the future of Penn Mutual. The research conducted by FlexPaths presented a unique opportunity for us to explore whether we have been successful at building a culture of diversity at the agency level.

For Women, Networking is Critical for Career Success

By Susan Cooper | October 4, 2016

Whether you are a college student looking to land your dream job, a successful professional positioning yourself for that big promotion, or a career changer ready to make a major career change, there is no doubt that NETWORKING has a huge impact on your ultimate success. Unfortunately, many women are at a disadvantage.

Stepping into Your Power: A Call to Action through Women of Impact

By Helene Lerner | March 29, 2016

Earlier this month, I launched an online video series called Women of Impact, short one-on-one interviews with women leaders who are playing an active role in reshaping the world. The Women of Impact segment for April features my interview with Eileen McDonnell, Chairman & CEO of Penn Mutual. I chose Eileen for my second interview because I think she has an important message to share.

My Advice to Women Looking for a Career in Financial Services

By Susan Combs | October 27, 2015

No doubt about it, financial services is a great career for women. As the current president of Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS), I ought to know. Here are my top tips to women considering a career in financial services.

Women’s Perspective on Opportunities for Women in Insurance

By Susan Deakins | June 23, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of participating on a panel at the “Women in Insurance” symposium, presented by the Academy of Risk Management and Insurance at Saint Joseph’s University.

Women in Rugby, Building Skills for Women in the Workplace

By Crystal Harris | June 2, 2015

Women play rugby too. Much of the talk about The Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship has been about the men’s Rugby Sevens, which was a great tournament. But the women held a tournament too, and their championship was also held last Sunday afternoon at PPL Park.

Women in the Workplace: A Need for Flexibility

By Penn Mutual | March 10, 2015

When you think that we are in the second decade of the 21st century, it is amazing that women’s rights are still a point of conversation at the national level.

What Glass Ceiling?

By Eileen C. McDonnell | February 12, 2015

Recently, I was interviewed by Forbes.com contributor Emma Johnson, who focuses her coverage on women and money. During our conversation we talked a lot about my views on what many call “the glass ceiling.