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Thanking Returning Veterans by Launching Their Careers in Financial Services

Interested in finding a disciplined, highly-trained workforce that knows the value of hard work and getting the job done? On Veterans Day, we here at Penn Mutual remember the great sacrifice paid by members of our nation’s military, as well as the possibilities they bring to the American workplace.

Over some seven decades, the insurance industry has benefited tremendously from the skills and talents brought to it by returning veterans. Whether it was GIs after World War II, who transformed our nation and its economy into the envy of the Free World, or Viet Nam veterans who turned to financial services as a path to a secure career, veterans have played a major role in shaping our industry. For that, we are thankful, and it is just one reason why Penn Mutual has endowed the Penn Mutual Center for Veteran Affairs at The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Working with The American College, the Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs has awarded more than $80,000 in scholarships for financial services training and certification so far this year, helping to jump-start careers and adding to our industry’s base of quality talent. The Center awarded a scholarship a week throughout 2015. Through our commitment, the Center is not only helping veterans, but is also helping to preserve a strong legacy of veteran representation among our industry ranks. These are professionals like Life Griffith, who recently received his Master of Science in Management (MSM) designation through the Penn Mutual Center for Veteran Affairs. Life said of his experience, “It was the best opportunity ever! I learned so much in one year that will last a lifetime.”

In a dangerous world, the US military has never played a more crucial role. They are all that stands between us and a growing list of unconventional threats, from terrorism to infectious disease. And their ranks are thinning. As the number of enlisted personnel decreases, never have so few been called upon to do so much for so many. It’s reminiscent of the life insurance industry, where as the sheer numbers of financial professionals decrease, the importance of our work increases. The life insurance industry pays out billions in life and annuity benefits a day, according to the AALU and ACLI. Ours is important work that benefits from an ability to attract high-quality talent, the kind of skills that our military builds on a daily basis.

So today, on Veterans Day, we take time to recognize their service and appreciate their sacrifice. And we’re publicly stating our pride in standing shoulder to shoulder with many of you as we work to seize life’s possibilities and make them available to our associates, field partners and clients. The Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs ensures this collaboration will continue and that veterans will forever play an important role in shaping the direction or our industry.

To our veterans, thank you for your dedication and commitment. We will never forget your contribution to the world and to our industry.

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