What I Learned about Life Insurance

Kristen Thomas

By Kristen Thomas | July 17, 2018

As a brand ambassador for Penn Mutual, the company has not only helped me pursue my passion for rugby but has given me support to help plan my financial future. This past year I had a chance to meet with Penn Mutual associates and learn more about life insurance. Like many people my age, I had not thought much about the value or need for life insurance. However, learning about what life insurance can provide, and the many different ways it can help you and your family throughout your life was eye opening.

I also realized that rugby and life insurance have more in common than I thought. Our coaches stress preparation going into our games and try to put us in the best possible position to succeed. During my visit with Penn Mutual, I kept hearing “be prepared for all of life’s stages,” and I started viewing life insurance from a rugby lens.

Going in to each tournament and match, we know our coaches have put together a strategic game plan so we are prepared to react to each stage of the game. These plans often include three major components: defense, offense and flexibility. After hearing more about the values of life insurance, I was able to clearly see the connections to rugby and that life insurance can be a key part of a game plan to finding success in your financial life.


Having a strong defense is important on and off the pitch. In rugby, the best teams in the world emphasize defense and spend hours working on shape and tackling skills in order to stop whatever the opposing team throws at them. In life, life insurance can be that strong defense for you and your family should the unexpected happen.


On the pitch, being able to execute on offense can be critical to winning. After all, you need to score more points than the other team. Off the pitch, having life insurance as part of your financial strategy can help you to achieve your goals. While I always knew that life insurance was there to help families in times of hardship, I did not know that some life insurance policies accumulate cash value that can be accessed while you are alive for things like paying for college, starting a business or taking a dream vacation.*


Our coaches train us to be flexible, both mentally and physically, preparing us to adapt to the flow of the game and succeed under various circumstances. With life insurance, there are many different types to choose from. Working with a financial adviser, you can tailor a plan that fits you and your family’s strengths, needs and goals.

I am glad I had the opportunity to learn about life insurance and see how it can be benefit me now and in the future. Sitting down with a Penn Mutual adviser can help you learn about all the benefits life insurance can offer.

* Life insurance policies are subject to eligibility requirements and/or restrictions and may not be right for everyone. Accessing cash value will reduce the death benefit and policy values, and may be taxable.

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  • Carolyn Humphrey Carolyn Humphrey says:

    Nice way to look at being prepared for what life (or your competition) can throw at you Kristen. Thanks for your voice in this important part of any of our preparedness plans. Best of luck with the Eagles.

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