Women Can Take Control of Their Finances

Ande Frazier

By Ande Frazier | September 25, 2018

I am passionate about helping women take greater control over their financial lives, and as Head of Vision & Brand for myWorth, I bring that passion into even sharper focus. myWorth is a subsidiary of Penn Mutual and is dedicated to providing financial planning guidance for women throughout every stage in their lives.

Women are not finding the help they need when it comes to their money. This is especially true during times of change, like divorce, marriage, children, widowhood, retirement and everything in between. Our mission at myWorth is to bridge the confidence gap between women and their money and provide them the resources they need, just when they need them. myWorth partners with women to navigate critical life events so that they can face them feeling capable and proud.

I recently sat down with Julie Parise to discuss the steps women can take to get greater control over their finances.

During my conversation with Julie, I refer to “blue and green dollars” and the impact they have on families. We all understand green dollars – the money we earn at our jobs that we use to pay our mortgage or buy groceries. Blue dollars represent the things that are hard to put a monetary value to – taking care of the kids, housework or elder relatives. As women, we do a lot of “blue dollar work” for the loved ones in our lives. These blue dollars are an important part of our financial lives and need to be protected, just as much as we might protect the green dollars.

This is just one example of why women need financial planning guidance that focuses on their particular needs. Visit myWorthFinance.com and explore the many resources available to you and learn how you can optimize your financial future.

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