Jason Wein

Financial Professional, Prime Financial Services
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Jason Wein

Jason is a third generation of Prime wealth financial professionals, and joined the firm in 2002. As a partner in the firm, his expertise includes tax mitigation and financial and goal planning. He also offers a full range of financial concierge services for physicians.

He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University. Jason is a passionate sports fan who is always cheering on Penn State and the New York Mets. Most weekends you can find him coaching baseball or cheering on his kids at their various sporting events.

Stories by Jason Wein

Smart Tax Planning for the Soon-to-Be Retired

By Jason Wein | October 23, 2018

There’s such an emphasis on saving for retirement, yet no one puts much thought into the tax consequences. Without smart tax planning, taxes can be a major source of erosion on retirement income. Most of us would be thrilled to get a 6 to 8 percent return long-term on our retirement portfolios, yet the current minimum income tax rate is 10 percent, the maximum is 37 percent. Being smart about taxes can make your money go much farther in retirement.