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A Better Way to Apply for Life Insurance — Contact-Free

By Helen Rennie | September 15, 2020

Our buying patterns have certainly changed over the past several months. Disposable masks and hand sanitizer have moved up on our shopping lists. And for many people, so has life… Read More

Demystifying Life Insurance Underwriting

By Gretchen Dinucci | September 9, 2020

Once you decide to buy life insurance, you will likely find your application being reviewed by “the underwriters.” This step is a complete mystery to many people, and some of… Read More

A Consumer’s Guide to Life Insurance Terminology

By Penn Mutual | September 1, 2020

Life insurance is a pretty important product. You pay premiums throughout your life, and when you die, your beneficiary gets a sum of money. But over our industry’s long history,… Read More

Adulting: Two Legal Documents Your 18-year-old Child Needs

By Margaret Muldoon | August 18, 2020

You’ve raised an amazing child. And now, he or she is ready to embark on a new journey. Maybe it’s off to college. Perhaps it’s trade school, the military, or… Read More

The Life Insurance Industry is Built for Times Like These

By Thomas Harris | July 22, 2020

We live in a much different world since COVID-19 reached our shores early in 2020. Our lives have changed, some dramatically. Our industry has also had to change to adapt… Read More

Professional Alliance Advantage: Trusted Relationships to Manage Your Financial Future

By Jaclyn Bradley | July 8, 2020

Convenience. It’s something that 21st century Americans have become quite accustomed to. Online shopping, five-minute meal prep and on-demand streaming services have made life a lot easier for many. But… Read More

Transparency in the New World of Financial Services

By Tim Donahue | June 23, 2020

Transparency is a principle that is a critical part of today’s business world. It promotes honesty and openness between leadership and employees, and between companies and customers. Transparency just makes… Read More

Reflections on Military Service: The Return to Civilian Life

By Sheri Rhoades | June 2, 2020

Penn Mutual’s long-standing commitment to veterans is evident in their support of programs that assist in transitioning to civilian life and offer career opportunities in financial services. The company’s support… Read More

5 Considerations When Selecting a Beneficiary

By Margaret Muldoon | May 26, 2020

You would think that executing an estate plan is the final step in the estate planning process — but there is still a very important decision to be made. Some… Read More

Honoring our Heroes One Scholarship at a Time

By Ted Digges, Captain, SC, USN (Ret.) | May 21, 2020

We hear a lot about heroes today. And deservedly so. Our nation’s veterans have earned hero status, and we give them our deepest respect and gratitude for their service to… Read More

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