Raymond Caucci

Senior Vice President, Product Management, Underwriting, and Advanced Sales
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Raymond Caucci

As senior vice president, Product Management, Underwriting, and Advanced Sales, Ray is responsible for product development, product management, product implementation, illustrations, product business analysis, policy forms filing, underwriting, and advanced sales. In this role, he ensures Penn Mutual’s insurance and annuity products meet the needs of policyholders. Ray blogs about the living benefits of life insurance and annuities, and how these products are designed to support a wide range of needs.

Ray has over 27 years of experience with Penn Mutual and has distinguished himself in both the corporate actuarial and product development areas. His responsibilities have included business process exception approvals, pricing guaranteed issue cases and pricing reviews of our currently marketed products.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a member of the American Academy of Actuaries, Director of the Pennsylvania Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, and a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).

Ray holds a B.S.E in Actuarial Science from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, with coursework in Mathematics at Elizabethtown College.

Stories by Raymond Caucci

Yes, Millennials Can Qualify for Life Insurance

By Raymond Caucci | September 5, 2017

According to research by LIMRA , 41 percent of millennials think they don’t qualify for life insurance. I find that shocking, and I take it as a challenge. We in the insurance industry need to do a better job communicating the value of life insurance to younger generations. Ironically, millennials are probably among the best possible candidates for life insurance.

Why Buy Life Insurance After Age 65?

By Raymond Caucci | February 1, 2017

While life insurance is sometimes seen as something only young people need – when someone has a young family, a mortgage, and an income to protect – people over age 65 are increasingly looking to buy life insurance. Here’s why that makes sense.

Is Your Employer-Provided Life Insurance Enough?

By Raymond Caucci | December 6, 2016

The group life insurance provided by your employer is certainly an attractive option. You get it for free (or for just the income tax on the economic benefit of coverage over $50,000), and there are no medical evaluations. But is this insurance really enough? There are five reasons that employer-sponsored group insurance may not be enough.

Competitor Increase in Cost of Insurance Rates

By Raymond Caucci | August 23, 2016

A recent article by the New York Times, Why Some Life Insurance Premiums Are Skyrocketing, brought attention to an issue that I and Frederick Karp have been talking about for some time: Many stock insurance companies are raising the cost of insurance rates (COI) on their in-force universal life (UL) insurance policies. Penn Mutual, however, has never increased the current cost of insurance rates on in-force UL policies and has no intention of doing so.

Reflections on Competitor Increases in Cost of Insurance Rates

By Raymond Caucci | December 15, 2015

While Penn Mutual is subject to the same pressures as other insurance companies, and has the contractual right to change non-guaranteed product charges, we have never raised cost of insurance rates on previously purchased policies and have no plans to do so.

When Should I Borrow from My Life Insurance Policy?

By Raymond Caucci | September 15, 2015

Banks will loan you money when you don’t need it but won’t give you a dime when you do. There’s a better way: Borrow money from the cash value of your life insurance.

Life Insurance Basics: How to Choose the Right Policy

By Raymond Caucci | July 28, 2015

It’s actually a good thing there are so many different types of life insurance: Everyone’s life is different, and even then, people’s needs change over the course of their lives.

Five Reasons to Give the Gift of Life Insurance

By Raymond Caucci | June 9, 2015

When someone is graduating from high school or college, or getting married, this is a great opportunity for a parent or a grandparent to purchase life insurance on the individual.

Do You Understand Your Life Insurance Dividend?

By Raymond Caucci | March 26, 2015

Over the last 168 years, Penn Mutual has consistently paid a dividend each year to our participating whole life insurance policyholders.

Do You Need Life Insurance When You Retire?

By Raymond Caucci | February 10, 2015

The traditional thinking about life insurance is that you only need life insurance when you have an income to protect, when you have a mortgage, or when you have kids to support. Once you hit 65 and retire, says the myth, you don’t need life insurance. That is not true.